WHAT ARE Online counseling services?

Therapy sessions typically offered via face-to-face-video conferencing (i.e. Zoom) or over the phone. Some clients utilize online counseling in conjunction with ‘in-the-office-therapy’, and others use it as an occasional check-in tool for their lives.

Why choose Online Counseling?

BUSY SCHEDULE – Allows for flexibility due to daily routine interruptions such as being ill or taking care of sick dependents.

CONVENIENCE – Perfect if Dr. Tal is not located in your neighboring area, or if you are on business trip or extended vacation.

COMFORT – Great if you prefer to receive therapy from the comfort of your home or office.

IMMEDIATE FOLLOW UPS – Utilized when it becomes emotionally difficult to wait until your next in-office scheduled appointment.

ADDITIONAL SESSIONS – Used when you need to augment your face-to-face therapy.


Improve your day-to-day experiences by creating

Healthy Happy Habits


If you would like to inquire about online counseling, please Contact Dr. Tal to schedule an online appointment. 

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