Have you ever longed to increase your happiness, gain an optimistic attitude, and live with more meaning and purpose?

Have you ever visualized a life where you feel more joyfully engaged in your work, relationships, and leisure activities?

→ Then becoming a happier being is your destination, and attending this workshop is your road to happiness!


  • Assessing and analyzing your "happiness profile” and constructing a definition for happiness that works for you!
  • Learning state-of-the-art "happiness exercises".
  • Designing an individualized plan to amplify your natural capacity to increase positive emotions, joy, engagement and gratitude.
  • Uniting with your "optimal-self" by exploring your character strengths and safeguarding extraordinary self- esteem.
  • Freeing yourself from the web of limiting beliefs, and conquering false assumptions that take you away from your inner happiness.
  • Creating good habits utilizing willpower to guide you through your passions and renew your sense of meaning in life.


  • The Happier Being workshop is a one day event.
  • It includes a variety of practical hands-on exercises, all to make today more enjoyable than yesterday!
  • Expect to be challenged, surprised, stimulated and empowered!
  • Expect to achieve true happiness!


* To find out upcoming locations and dates please Contact Dr. Tal *