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Dr. Tal's style is direct, interactive, collaborative, and draws upon positive, cognitive and behavioral approaches as well as insight-oriented psychotherapy. She tailors her interventions to the individual's needs and emphatically directs and crafts the desired change.

Dr. Tal focuses on strengthening her clients' overall functioning, relationship skills, and communication skills. In turn her clients are able to increase their awareness, deepen their insight, and elevate their overall potential for higher performance and happy living.

Dr. Tal DOES NOT just sit, listen and nod her head; She actively engages and offers effective feedback in a manner that challenges as opposed to criticizes, and then follows through with her positive and compassionate approach to improve her client's overall well being, contentment and happiness. Most importantly her energetic style creates sustained engagement and solutions!!

Dr. Tal is a licensed psychologist with a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree from the Alliant University, Los Angeles. She has comprehensive clinical experience, providing psychological services to both individuals and groups.

Dr. Tal is in private practice in Los Angeles, Ca. and surrounding areas. She uses her ability to identify negative roadblocks that prevent people from living happy/healthy lifestyles, and then provides them with tools, such as positive, strength-focused approaches in order to optimize psychotherapy results.